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As the leading trading agents within the textile industry, Createx Co. has built a lasting reputation for the highest level of professionalism since 1968.

We strive to provide the total package — everything from product design to development, from raw material to finished goods, from production plan and process control to shipping control. Through systematic and meticulous inspections and quality control, we help our buyers enforce the highest standards throughout the factory supply base.


Over 50 years of history


Originally established as Carney-Hutchinson Co., our company’s name was changed in 1968 by our founder Mr. Guy Hutchinson to Createx Company — the name we still operate under today and have used to provide excellent service to our customers for over half a century.

During the early years, Createx Co. specialized primarily in importing cotton greige fabrics from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, and Hong Kong, which established us as a major supplier of greige fabrics to many textile converters throughout the United States.

By 1988, an unexpected major change in the world textile market resulted in South American textiles mills no longer being able to compete with the growing market in East Asia, which opened a new path for our company in Asia.

By 1990, Createx was purchasing 80% of its fabric imports from Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Taiwan, and, most recently, mainland China. As new technology emerged, converters began switching to buying finished fabric.

In 1996, Createx began buying more and more finished fabrics of all types to accommodate the increase in supplies. Today, our product line comprises 75% finished fabrics, 15% yarns, and 10% finished products (garments, bed sheets, and so on).

During early 2007, our company expanded and collaborated with Plexus Cotton Ltd. and Eastern Linkage Ltd. of China, which has broadened the spectrum of products we can offer. Please visit

www.thecottonalliance.org for more information about our global involvement.

After 50 years of hard work and dedication, Mr. Hutchinson retired in 2019. His son, Richard Lambert, was tasked with continuing to deliver the Createx Company’s quality experience after working by his side for more than 15 years.





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