• Woven fabrics ranging from 44” up to 124” wide.
  • Quality fabrics for many markets including retail; men’s and women’s sportswear and children’s wear; work-wear and uniform apparel; quilting, home and kitchen, and many others.
  • 100% Cotton, Cotton Blends, 100% Polyester and Blends, 100% Linen and Blends, 100% Rayon and Blends, Stretch Fabrics
  • Solid Fabrics: Cotton, blends, poly, linen, satin, velvet, stretch and others.
  • Yarn Dyed Fabrics: Stripes, checks, plaids, stretch fabric and others available for all types of markets.
  • Print fabrics - Fashion Prints, Novelty Prints & fabrics. Digital, Rotary and Flat Screen; many options available.
  • Range of Indigo denim and chambray fabrics (including 100% Cottons, Cotton/Linen blends, stretch and much more) for all markets including fashion & retail.
  • Green Style: Eco-Friendly Fabrics such as Organic Cottons, Tencel, Modal, Hemp, Bamboo and Recycled fabrics.
  • Quilting Fabrics, fashion apparel, home decor, bridal, kitchen and many others for retail, craft and quilting.
  • Knitted Fabrics of all weights and blends.
  • Woven Fabrics: Corduroy, Velveteen, Dobby, Jacquards, Seersucker, Poplin, Sateen, Sheetings and Shirtings, Plain and Fancy Weaves and so much more.
  • Hand-loom and Lap Dip service in approx 7 days.


Mill sources

  • China
  • Thailand
  • Hong Kong
  • Vietnam
  • Taiwan
  • Indonesia
  • Colombia
  • Peru
  • Mexico





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