our approach

to covid-19



My name is Richard Lambert. As the CEO of Createx Company, I would like to help you make a difference during these chaotic times.


For 48 years, Createx has manufactured and developed textiles/fabric for all different brands of uniforms and specialty items such as medical scrubs and facemasks.


We are now offering many cutting-edge finish treatments, including anti-bacterial, water-repellent, stain-resistant, and anti-odor coatings. Our masks and medical garments are some of the highest-quality products available, made easily accessible via affordable pricing and quick turnaround times.


Many items are available now and are in stock, but this is changing daily with the current influx of orders. Given the rising demand for these products worldwide, I suggest we arrange a time to discuss options for delivery, pricing, and samples as soon as possible. I reside in Burbank and can travel or work remotely to meet your needs.


I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to talk with you and discuss the ways that we can serve our community, together, during this time.


Thank you for your consideration.





Richard Lambert

Createx Company







11121 Landale St.

Toluca Lake, CA 91602

Tel. +1 (818) 203-8451